Frequently Asked Questions

For researchers, feel free to contact us here or drop us an email at if you have any questions.
I have encountered an issue with my study participation. What do I do?

That’s unfortunate, and we take this matter seriously. We want to reassure you that ReSieve has taken the utmost effort to ensure that only credible studies are listed on our platform. Please reach out to us at if there are any issues!

Is ReSieve safe to use? Why do I have to provide my personal information?

Part of ReSieve’s responsibilities includes ensuring a safe and accountable community. Thus, to ensure authenticity, all users are required to go through a verification process before they can list or participate in a research project. We understand the importance of your data privacy and security and will not use this information for any other purpose. You may refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

What if I can’t make it at the last minute and don’t show up for the study?

Your information is a crucial element for our magic to happen. You will not be allowed to participate in an experiment if your profile or part thereof is found to be incorrect. By providing more information, it will increase the probability to be matched with more studies which target specific characteristics. If you wish to make amendments to your profile, you may email us at

How do I cancel my registration for a study?

You may cancel your registration via our Telegram Bot. If you are not able to attend the session due to some unforeseen circumstances, do update us as soon as possible.

What if I don’t show up for the study?

ReSieve has a responsibility to uphold high standards for both our participants and researchers. Failure to show up for studies that you have registered for would affect your chances to participate in subsequent studies.

How do I get paid?

Exactly the same way you would when you participate in any such study, simply collect your payment from the researchers upon completion!

I only see a limited number of studies but I want more.

We appreciate your enthusiasm! We are a young startup, so we are doing our best to get more studies on our platform! Do check in regularly as we will be prompting you more specific questions to help us better match you to our database of research studies to review your eligibility.